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Our line of bulk chicory grains can be ground, roasted and packaged according to your specifications. 


Chicorée du Nord’s Master Roasters and product team will work with you to create a blend that fits your customers’ needs; whether you prefer a finer grain or a darker roast. Using top of the line production equipment, we are able to prepare bulk grains in large quantities, perfect for wholesale.

Your Blend options: 


Grain Texture

Available in 10 grades from 0 to 3.15 mesh


Available in light, medium or dark roast (CTN standards)

Package Size 

20 kg or 1-ton bags



We also produce dandelion grains in bulk, which adds a subtle caramel flavor to infusions, teas or hot milk.


Similar to chai or other spiced flavors, dandelion grounds are an alternative beverage that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Our dandelion grounds are all-natural and harvested by hand in Poland, and can also be added into your chicory blends.

Available in medium or dark roast and grain texture of mesh 32 to mesh 12 (0.5 à 1.4mm)

Interested in creating your own blend?

Our team of Master Roasters will work closely with you to develop a chicory or dandelion blend for your private label. Contact us to set up a consultation!

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