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Locally sourced
and chemical-free

Chicorée du Nord is based in the North of France, Europe’s top producer of chicory root. Our production is locally sourced, and each step is carefully monitored to ensure the highest quality. The chicory is subjected to thorough laboratory testing to ensure there are no trace amounts of herbicides in the grains, and our organic line maintains rigorous European standards.

Zero waste and
energy efficient 

We constantly strive to make our production more eco-friendly: we are proud to be a zero-waste company, as we recycle all packaging and pallets and have no water waste. We recently replaced our roaster with a new, more energy-efficient machine, and are continuing to work to reduce our carbon footprint, working to implement ISO 26000 guidance by the end of 2022.

How is chicory produced?

Our entire production process is meticulously monitored, from chicory fields to the storefront. Once the chicory is harvested from our trusted suppliers,  our Master Roasters prepare it via our four-step process:



After the chicory is picked, it is washed and dried at a drying facility – since chicory root is 75% water, this is an important step. The dried roots are then rewashed and cut into small chips, which ensures a long shelf life. Chicory is only harvested once a year, so stabilizing the root is essential.

production étape 2.jpg


We receive the dried chips from the facility and roast them for several hours at about 300° F /150° C.  While this step may seem simple, it is the most important since roasting is what provides the final product with its delicate flavor. At Chicorée du Nord, our team is made up of Master Roasters with years of experience, who bring artisanal techniques to this key step.

Refroidisseur 2.jpg


Once the chicory has been roasted and left to cool, the chips are sorted to eliminate any irregularities. They are then ground according to various grain textures.

Chicorée TBC mains.jpg


Depending on their ground size, the grains will finish as chicory grounds (brewed like coffee) and packaged as small bags or bulk orders. Some of the grains will be further processed to produce our chicory extract.

Discover our bulk options

In addition to pre-packaged chicory, we also provide bulk chicory blends which can be customized according to your specifications. 

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