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Ethically sourced

Manufacturing quality chicory is very important to us, and we are proud to offer products that are good for consumers and for our local partners.


Our chicory suppliers are paid according to collective agreements established well before the harvest. Chicory is a sustainable crop and can be part of a crop rotation – most of our suppliers are multi-crop farmers with several sources of revenue. Chicory that is not used for human consumption becomes part of animal feed, as an alternative to artificial additives.

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Responsibly harvested and produced

Chicory is a naturally sourced product, and it is important to us to preserve that natural environment as much as possible.


All of our suppliers, organic or otherwise, limit their production to preserve the farmland, and follow French and European agricultural regulations. As chicory’s growth provides extensive ground covering, it allows our farmers to limit their pesticide and herbicide use (or eliminate it entirely, in the case of our organic line).  Our four-step process is entirely zero-waste and energy efficient. At Chicorée du Nord, we believe we can always improve and are continuing to work to implement other measures to decrease our environmental impact.


About Chicorée du Nord

Chicorée du Nord has been run by the Lutun family for four generations since 1934. Under Agnès Lutun’s initiative, we have expanded our ranges to include an organic chicory line and dandelion products. We have also created new packaging and modernized our production equipement as we expand our international distribution. Our history inspires us to look forward, and we are committed to deepening our commitments to our sustainable business model.

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